About Tarjamiyaat Bayt Al Hikma – Journal of Translation Studies


Welcome to Tarjamiyaat Bayt Al Hikma – Journal of Translation Studies


Knowledge Integration and Translation Laboratory (http://takc.org/)

University Cadi Ayyad, Faculty of Letters and Human Sciences, Marrakech –

Website: http://takc.org


Over the past few decades, translation studies has developed into a largely autonomous (inter-)discipline of its own. The coming of globalization, internalization and the new IT-era only accelarated this process. In fact, even though the distance between countries may have become closer thanks to globalization (which has made the world a smaller place), the competition has got fiercer and translation is one of the weapons in this competition. The Knowledge Integration and Translation Laboratory (the KIT Lab) through its journal Tarjamiyaat seeks to bring the practitioners and theoreticians of translation in closer contact, to promote the exchange of information, opinions and scholarly achievements, and to promote the development of translation studies and foster translation activities into and from Arabic.

Aims & scope of the journal

Tarjamiyaat (Journal of Translation Studies) is an annual, international, peer reviewed, digital and print Journal published by the Knowledge Integration and Translation  Laboratory (KIT Lab) (http://takc.org/), a Cadi Ayyad University-affiliated Translation Research Group based at the Faculty of Letters and Human Sciences, Marrakech -Morocco. The research group was founded in 2004 and the Journal is registered according to Moroccan Law in 2015.

Tarjamiyaat publishes original high-quality research papers and translated articles in the fields of Translation Studies and language related research. Tarjamiaat promotes the scholarly study of translation theory and translation practices from a thoroughly interdisciplinary and international point of view placing a special emphasis on religious translation (sacred texts) as a subject field and theoretical, historical, cultural, methodological, and didactic dimensions of translation as an orientation. The Journal reflects various (but complementary) theoretical, explanatory, methodological and descriptive approaches into translation issues and problems and language-related research. It explores existing connections with neighbouring disciplines to reflect and participate in this ongoing research. Tarjamiyaat targets scholars, researchers, teachers, educationalists, policy makers, and postgraduate students interested in translation, terminology, language planning and lexicography.

As a manifestation of Tarjamiyaat’s international aspirations, a multilingual policy has been adopted allowing the publication of articles in English, Arabic and French. Other languages could be added in the future.

We invite all interested parties to join us in this project. For all information contact the editor at: tarjamiyaat.journal@gmail.com

Editorial Board:

Editor-in-Chief: Abdelhamid Zahid

Associate Editors: Hassane Darir – Ahmed Chergui Saber

 Editorial board members: (in first name alphabetical order):

 Aamir Ezzinati (Saudi Arabia)

Abdeslam Jamai (Morocco)

Abied Assulaiman (Belgium)

Ahmed Keroum (Morocco)

Khalid Essaqi (Morocco)

Kalid Maazozi (Morocco)

Lahoussine Idyouss (Belgium)

Mohamed Dekkak (G.B)

Mohammed Rezzaki (Morocco)

Mostafa Aabi (Morocco)

Nourddine Hannini (Morocco)

Jamaa Ouchouid (Morocco)

Rich Oakes (South Africa)

Saida Kahil (Algeria)

Yahya Benkhedda (Morocco)

 International Advisory Board: (in first name alphabetical order):

Abied Assulaiman (Belgium)

Ahmed Al-Laithy (UAE)

 Frieda Steurs (Belgium)

Jean- René Ladmiral (France)

Lawrence Venuti (UK)

Mohammed Didaoui (Morocco)

Rich Oakes (South Africa)

Yahya Benkhedda (Morocco)


In addition to full-fledged studies basically revolving around a special theme, Tarjamiyaat will also bring various original research articles, book-reviews, interim reports on ongoing research projects, interviews with distinguished translators and translation theoreticians, dissertation abstracts and information of various other kinds. In particular, the review section will discuss the most important publications in the field in order to reflect the evolution of the discipline of translation. A multilingual dictionary of translation studies will also be published in a serial form

Main Rubrics:

From the editor

Research Articles


Interviews: Why is translation your passion?

Book Reviews: Recent Publications

Books that have shaped translation studies

Announcements (periodicals received, conferences, dissertations, etc)

Terminology of Translation Studies

Guide for Contributors

 Paper Submission Guidelines:

Types of Submitted Papers:

– Original Research Articles: Original research in the fields of translation studies, terminology and language related research.

– Reviews: Reviews include critiques of published books the field of translation studies or texts related to the areas of relevance to the journal.

– Translations into English or Arabic of important works with or without annotation.


– Manuscripts submitted to Tarjamiyaat must contain original works or translations which have neither been previously published, nor are they under consideration by another journal.

– Contributions are welcome in either Arabic, English or French.

– Authors take sole responsibility for their views.

– All papers submitted for publication to Tarjamiyaat will be scanned for plagiarism. Papers with evidence of plagiarism will not be eligible for publication.

– The editor reserves the right to make minor changes to those accepted papers for publication. A paper will be returned to its author to make the necessary modifications only in case such changes are significant.

– The editor’s decisions are final.

Review procedure: Peer Review Policy

All submitted research articles and manuscripts to this journal undergo rigorous peer review. Based on the initial editor’s appraisal (internal review), if submitted papers are found suitable for further consideration, these are submitted for further peer review by two independent, anonymous expert referees, who are expected to review and return them within 5 weeks of having received them, i.e. after the submission deadline of each call for papers. It is common for reviewers to make suggestions or even explicitly make their acceptance conditional on addressing possible errors or reformulating questions and / or answers. If this is the case the submission will be sent back to its author to make the necessary corrections within a deadline. Thus all articles go through a double-blind peer-reviewing process, that could take anywhere between 2-3 months.

 Manuscript Guidelines

Authors and translators are required to check their submissions’ compliance with all of the following guidelines. Submissions that do not adhere to these guidelines may not be published.

The reference format of the abstract and the full paper has to conform with the APA’s (American Psychological Association) Style Guide (latest, 6th Edition), which is is the most commonly used style guide to cite sources within the social sciences. Please refer to the following url: [https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/560/02/]

or download an example of an APA-formatted Abstract and Paper: [https://owl.english.purdue.edu/media/pdf/20090212013008_560.pdf]

or download the APA Style Essentials:


In particular, please observe that each article submission should include an abstract of about 150 and 250 words in length and up to five keywords from your paper listed in their order of importance under your abstract. An Abstract in English or French is expected to be translated into Arabic and similarly an abstract in Arabic is to be translated into English.

Authors and translators should also include a cover page with the full title of the paper, the author’s full name, author’s affiliation, e-mail address, postal address, and phone number. The author’s or translator’s name should not appear elsewhere in the paper as such.

The abstract is a self-contained summary of the most important elements of your paper. In the case of original research, it should contain at least your research topic, research questions, methodology of research, results, data analysis, and conclusion(s). It may also include possible implications of your research and possible future work in connection with your findings. The abstract should be a single paragraph using double line spacing and a 12 pt. Times New Roman font. It should count between 150 and 250 words, and should be written in .doc or .docx format.

Papers should be approximately 7.000 words in length (including tables, figures, references and appendixes) and should be written in an article style. Papers should be double-spaced in 12 point font (Times New Roman) with 1 inch margins on all sides.

The submission file should be in Microsoft Word file format and should be submitted electronically as e-mail attachments to the editor of Tarjamiyaat. languages accepted: Arabic, English and French.

Footnotes should be avoided. Author’s notes are acceptable.Please place your notes at the end of the paper before the references section.

If illustrations are to be included, the author is responsible for reproducing quality copies (in digital form) and for ensuring that copyright is obtained. Needless to say that authors and translators are responsible for the accuracy of references and citations, which must be in APA format. If your paper is not written in your habitual language, please have it read by a native speaker.Please submit separately from your paper a brief biosketch.

Please send you paper and abstract to: tarjamiyaat.journal@gmail.com

About The Author

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