Translation and Argumentation 2013

Report about a Study Day “Translation and Argumentation” 2013

The Knowledge Integration and Translation Laboratory at the faculty of Letters and Human Sciences, Cadi Ayyad University of Marrakech, held a study day under the topic of “Translation and Argumentation” in honor of the professor Dr. Abu Bakr Al-Azzawi, on Thursday, April 25, 2013 in the conference room of the faculty. After the first opening speech of the dean of the faculty Dr. Widad Tebaa and the second by the Knowledge Integration and Translation Laboratory’s director Dr. Abdelhamid Zahid, the study day encompassed two scientific sessions. In the morning session, participants discussed Dr. Abu Bakr Al-Azzawi’s argumentation project, the session was chaired by Dr. Yousef Al-Idrisi, and included the following interventions: 1. Adil Abdellatif’s intervention, under the title of “Dr. Abu Bakr al-Azzawi’s Argumentation Project”, presented the major outlines of the efforts of Dr. Al-Azzawi in the subject of argumentation. The intervention also exposed the most important studies and books written on this subject, and the most important features of the major outlines that characterized this project. 2. An intervention by Dr. Moulay Youssef Idrissi, on the subject of “argumentation and translation; a study of the Aristotelian poetry for the Arabs”. 3. An intervention was made by three Ph.D. students: Hanane Midari, Houda Rawd and Said Katfi; under the subject of “Issues of Argumentation” based on an analysis of Dr. Al-Azzawi’s book “A debate over Argumentation”. 4. An intervention was made by three Ph.D. students: Asmae Gouihya, Lalla Meriem Belghita and Abelaziz Ait baha. The title was “the Argumentation of the Language and Argumentation’s Language” based on an analysis of Dr. Al-Azzawi’s book “Language and Argumentation”. 5. An intervention was made by three Ph.D. students: Mohamed Filali, Mahjouba Elbafoure and Abdelazize Ait Baba; in the subject of “discourse argumentation” based on Dr. Al-Azzawi’s book “Discourse and Argumentation”. 6. An intervention by Dr. Abdelhamid Zahid entitled “Metaphor and Argumentation”; reading in Dr. Al-Azzawi’s book “Language and Argumentation”. The morning session was wrapped up with a general discussion about the major ideas, the most important propositions and the issues addressed by the interjections, Dr. Al-Azzawi has made an extensive intervention in which he explained a lot of contexts that have accompanied his argumentation project in Morocco, and also in France along with the pioneer of the argumentation theory in the West; the French linguist Oswald Ducrot. The evening session was headed by Dr. Hassane Darir who has given a scientific lecture about the honored Dr. Abu Bakr Al-Azzawi; entitled: “Argumentation and Translation”. A great number of the faculty professors from different specialties and other faculties, especially the Arabic language faculty of Marrakech, have attended this rich lecture.

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