Report of the First National Symposium on “Translation and Terminology” 2013

Report of the First National Symposium on “Translation and Terminology ”

To mark the release of Dr. Abdel-Kader Hamdi’s book “The Critical and Rhetorical term between theory and practice” 2013


On 27th and the 28th February, 2013, The Faculty of Arts and Humanities in Marrakech hosted the first national symposium on Translation and the Issues of Term. The event was organized by “The Knowledge Integration and Translation Laboratory” in coordination with “research structure in the Arabic language descriptions and problematics” to mark the release of the Professor Abdelkader Hamdi’s book “The critical and rhetorical term between theory and practice”. The scientific schedule was abundant as it contained four sessions, in addition to the opening and book reading sessions. The first day: 27-02-2013 Opening Session: The session was headed by Dr. Moulay Mustafa Abu Hazim and it included speeches given by the participating organizations. The first speech was the Dean Widad Tabae‘s who praised the event and its importance in the progress of scientific research. Presenting the organizing committes, Dr. Hassan Darir, deputy of the Translation and knowledge integration laboratory was the next person to adress the attendees. In his speech, Dr Hassane Darir praised the importance of the topic and its relevance to various sciences, cultures and eras. At the end, Dr. Khalid Eliebawi gave a speech on behalf of the guests in which he expressed the pride and gratitude that he and the guests felt to attend and be part of such a scientific symposium. The first scientific meeting: After a tea break, the morning period was resumed by the first scientific session presided by Dr. Abdelhamid Zahid. This session saw a lot of important scientific interventions which sought to make the issues of translation clear. The first speaker was the Iraqi Dr. Faisal Al Qasimi who had come a long way to attend this symposium. In his brief speech, The Doctor stressed that the goal of terminology is bringing to every science a specialized lexicons that aims to simplify the scientific communication and the cognition transfer between institutions, individuals, and specialties in order to achieve scientific and human development. The intervention of Dr Faisal was followed by that of Murad Khairuddin (Faculty of Arts and Humanities, Marrakech) and it was on “Presentation of a translation test”. Dr. Hassane Darir was the third person to have an intervention (Faculty of Arts and Humanities in Marrakech). He talked about “The traditional and modern term in the Arabic language: Epistemological problematic”. The morning interventions were closed with the intervention of Dr. Nawi Lkhair Mustapha and Dr. Abdu Salam Jamai (Faculty of Arts Meknes) under the title: “Translation Theory and Quranic Terminology”. What distinguished these interventions was the fact that they were rich and multilingual (French, English, and Arabic), as well as the reasonable problematics that were posed and the approaches that were provided. The morning period of the first day was concluded with a general discussion of all what was said. The afternoon period: The second scientific meeting: This session was presided by the professor Dr. Hassane Darir and knew many interventions. It had focus on the foreign linguistic terms and the issues of translating it into Arabic, as translation represents an ideological dilemma in this respect. These interventions were made as the following:  Dr. Bin Isa Ozaiet (Faculty of Arts Meknes): “The transferred foreign linguistic term between the Arabic signifier and signified”.  Dr. Ahmed karome (Faculty of Arts Agadir): “The problematic of the translated term between the challenges of standardization and metaphor visualization.”  Dr. Abdul Hai Siddiq (College of Arts Marrakech): “For a translation terminology “.  Dr. Abdelali Majdoub (College of Arts Marrakech): “Translation against ideology”. The first session of this evening ended with a general discussion. The third scientific meeting: This session was presided by Dr. Ahmad Karome. It adressed very important topics related to the theory of term translation in general and the linguistic term in special. In this respect, Dr. Abdul Razzaq Jnid (Faculty of Arts in El Jadida) performed his intervention which was entitled “The linguistic term’s translation between coalition and the difference”. The second intervention discussed the issues of translating the Islamic terms under the title: “The translation of the Islamic terms, the Islamic pillars as sample”. It was a collaborative work of Professor Hannan Asanwan and Professor Laila Elghazewani. The last intervention was shared between Dr. Abdlhamid Zahid and the PhD student Lala Meriem Belghita on: “The phonetic term in the oriental translations”. The session was concluded with a general discussion. The Second day: 28-02-2013 The fourth scientific meeting: This session was headed by Dr. Bin Isa Ozaiet who gave the floor to Dr. Abu chara Aziz, a Picardie Amiens University graduate, to present his intervention on “The problematic of translating the philosophical terms: ‘Alherminotika’ model ” Then, it came the turn of Dr. Moulay Yousef Eliderisi, Multidisciplinary Faculty Asfi, who delivered his speech about “The translation of the philosophical terms for Arabs”. The session was ended with a general discussion and a tea break. After the tea break, the symposium was resumed with an honoring session which was restricted to review Abdel Kader Hamdi’s book “The critical and rhetorical tern between theory and practice”. Mr. Abdul Razzaq Jnid was given the honor to be in charge. This session was characterized by interventions that sought to discuss the book. They touched many points like the critical and rhetorical term between theory and practice, as well as the characteristics of terminological research in the book. Dr. Abdulah Rochdi, Professor at Dar Al-Hadit Lhassania- Rabat-, took part during this session with his intervention: “The characteristics of terminological research in the book of the critical and rhetorical term between theory and practice” After that, Dr. Ali Motaqi, professor at the Arabic Language Faculty, performed his intervention which was entitled: “The term in the book of the critical and rhetorical term between theory and practice, by AbdelKader Hamdi”. To conclude the session, a general discussion took place in which the attendance spoke highly of the succeeded symposium, the published book and its author Dr. Abdelkader Hamdi. After the general recommendations were made, the closing speech was given by the celebrated Dr. AbdelKeder Hamdi, who said that every book has a history, a story, a present, and a future. He ended his speech by thanking and showing gratitude to the attendance with a special thanks to the dean of the faculty, Dr. Abdjalil Hanouch, Dr. Abdel Hamid Zahid, the people who came a long away to attend, and to every person who participated in a way on another in the success of this cheerful scientific meeting. According to Dr. Khalid Elyaebodi, The main recommendations of this symposium were – Ensuring the publication soon the work of the symposium – Working on consolidating the relationship between lexicographers and the translators at the Moroccan Universities – Making sure to create translation training programs at the university and to care about terminology. – Raising awareness about the importance of folkloric terms which has the ability to be used and developed – Proposing the publication of lexicons of various cognitive fields starting with the phonetic aspects. – Creating training sessions and workshops in terminology – Taking care of translating complex terms by using modern translating methods and mechanisms. After praying on our beloved messenger Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, the symposium was closed with a lunch break.

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